This box of 7 Chakra Chocolates includes all 7 botanical chocolate. With each box is a 15 minute chocolate meditation that you can play from your phone. During the meditation you will be guided through eathing bites of all 7 chakra chocolates. 


1. Down To Earth - Rootsy Mineral Rich Grounding


2. Kiss the Bliss - Savor the spiced passion to melt your desire.


3. Curry Up - Ayurvedicly Balanced for Digestive Delight


4. Heart Song - Chloro-filled with Green Goodness


5. Harmonic Tonic - Resonating, soothing Sweetness to Awaken your Song


6. Zen Mint - Breathe Fresh Clarity to Focus the Mind


7. Sweet Satori - Soul Centering For Flowering of Presence

Chakralot Box Set- With Chocolate Meditation

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